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Benefits of ISO 29001 Certification

Being in the oil and gas industry can be quite challenging. It requires a lot of rigorous checks and any sort of negligence could lead to huge losses and disaster. In such an industry, it becomes all the more important to have a quality check at every step of your business. This would include every single operational point within the organization starting from the sourcing of materials to the sale and supply chain. An ISO 29001 Certification is a certain way to have quality assured in your organization. Many companies over the last few years have looked up to standards like these to have efficiency on top priority in their company.
IRQS has implemented many such certifications over the past few years and understands the key benefits of ISO 29001 Certification. Let us take a look at them:

  • Safety and reliability: In an industry as risky as oil and gas, you would want to have the safest environment. Having an oil and gas management system will ensure the most secure environment for your company. At the same time, you would be recognized as a company that promises and delivers the best in terms of quality. Hence your reputation in the market would be very good.
  • Better efficiency: The whole point of having quality standards is to increase the efficiency of work. The better the efficiency, the better the profitability of the company. Savings would be more and wastage would be less. Exactly what a company needs to prosper.
  • Easier marketing: Because you promise the best quality with a proven certification, it would be easier for you to sell your company to prospective clients.

With these benefits of ISO 29001 certification, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the most sought after certifications in the world of oil and gas.


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