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( Food Safety Systems Certification Scheme ) FSSC 22000 Basics

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The FSSC is the abbreviated form of the Food Safety System Certificate is designed to reveal that that your company has a strong Food safety management system which provides Safe products that satisfies and withstands the requirements of the consumers as well as the customers. FSSC is owned by a non-profit organization that has its legal base in the Netherlands. It uses the management system of ISO 22000 that enables the organization to build a strong for integrated management system that covers all the facet that are pertinent to all the organization and its clients

This FSSC system provides an ISO based Food Safety Management System certificate to the companies under the food industry that is acknowledged by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).  The GFSI is the safety standard for every food manufacturer and retailer that gives them worldwide acceptance in the industry. With the help of ISO 22000, the FSSC system takes an approach to the food safety system and the requirements of the management system, the ISO technical standards, or the Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) as a requirement for the management system. Also the, the food safety management system incorporates with the other management systems that are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

fssc 22000 Certification scheme

There are two stages of certification includes in this audit that comprises of reviewing the food safety management system of the company and later the second stage is conducted to find out whether the implementation and effectiveness of system is successful. After a successful audit a certificate is issued to the company that has the validity for 3 years

This certification audit takes a management system approach that conducts a process based audit The main agenda of the audit is to determine that the Food Safety System of your company meets the standards and requirements that make them eligible for the certification. This audit does not provide any scores or grades, it is completely conformance audit.


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