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Why a TS 16949 Quality certification is a must for your business

This entry was on 4th October, 2013 by Jubed Sayed.

Irrespective of your field of business and interests, maintaining an efficient system is of utmost importance. You would want to always maintain profitability and quality in your organization. Of course, you would want to keep your productivity at its peak no matter what the market situation is. But enabling a quality system in an organization that relies heavily on supply chain management is no easy task. You would have to worry about instilling many different processes and procedures before you can think of attaining a quality certification.

TS 16949Here comes the need of having the right certification agency. You would want to have an agency that can choose the best methods to improve the efficiency in your system. You need to pick a certifying body that will ensure you have quality up to the mark. More so, when you are implying a quality management system in your organization, you are improving the functions in which the departments are operating. It will mean lesser losses and better profits. Implementing a quality oriented system would also mean better inputs from your employees. They would be better focused at delivery higher qualities and they would also be happy working for a company that delivers top quality.

There are of course specific certifications that match different requirements. Most of this varies from industry specifics. In a business that revolves around supply chain management, you would want to instill a quality system that adheres to the regulations as a first and then steps to improve and maintain the quality levels. For a supply chain management system, you would have to have a TS 16949 certification. You can look up the finer details of the certification on

A certification of this sort guarantees quality to be your prime aspiration. You would be seen as a vendor that keeps quality as the top priority. It would mean better recognition from your clients as well as potential leads. Your clients would want to continue working with you and would believe in your business only because you are promising a quality driven process. Having such a certification would prove to be a fantastic marketing tool also. Many company leaders explain the certification they have before a business pitch to guarantee quality delivery. This will result in better conversions and better profitability.

While there are many certifying agencies around the country, there are very few that deliver the right quality and committed delivery; IRQS is one of them. They ensure that you understand the different advantages of a certification and the tasks that have to be planned before you can even consider a quality certification. Obviously, you need to consider the present working style and how it has to be changed for best results. IRQS would help you go through these steps with ease. Implementing a TS 16949 certification would be extremely easy just because you know the inner needs of completion. Getting the approvals would also be extremely easy as they would complete a survey to help you know the exact requirements of the certification and the procedure behind obtaining it.