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Why an ISO 14001 certification can take your company to the next level

This entry was on 7th October, 2013 by Admin.

Everyone wants to highlight their company differently. But there are very few similarities that lie between different companies. Maintaining the credibility of the organization is one important task that is given to the management of every company. If you are in that position, you would want to be in place of command where you have the right certifications on your side to prove your worth. One of the certifications that many leaders in companies choose today is a quality claim towards the environmental asset. It would mean a lot of the company for numerous reasons.  It would reflect on the company’s entire brand image to be frank. There would be sense of belief with the fact that the company is driven by environmental values. Such a claim would mean the world to plenty of employees and would improve the chance of retaining your work force. But apart from that, you would be improving the overall efficiency of the existing system. The working efficiency would be the change that you need.

ISO 14001 CertificationWith a better environment management you are almost guaranteeing a better energy management system. With lower carbon emissions come better efficient systems. This would help you bring down costs of your existing system and thus improving on your company bottom line. Another massive advantage of having an ISO 14001 Certification would mean the ease at which you can market your company and your brand to the existing market; you would be seen as a company that values the environment and the needs of Mother Nature. At the same time, people would relate your company to one that matters to the overall eco system and would also connect you to a company that keep  quality as the utmost importance in the company. This would help you retain your clients and in fact help you cross sell more products to them. They would know that the products or services they purchase from you are sheer quality. With such a certification in place, your clients would not leave you and more clients would refer your services. Converting clients also would be a lot easier simply because you have the backing of an international certification to say that you are more efficient that your competitors.

Now, there are lots of certifying agencies that provide these certifications. But the key would be to understand which agency to pick out. You would want to work with an agency that knows the value if an ISO 14001 Certification and the benefits that come with it. IRQS is one such agency that fills all the needed qualities and can give you an assessment quite easily. You could look up the different certifications and the benefits at It would be a comprehensive answer to all your doubts. At the same time, make sure you compare the certifications to your business model so that you understand how you can retrieve dividends out of the same. With the right certification, you are bound to take your company to new heights.


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