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Why will a Environmental Management System change your business

This entry was on 4th October, 2013 by Admin.

Yes, there is a lot of noise about better efficiency being brought into our lives and businesses using simple systems. How exactly can you use these systems and procedures to your advantage though? This is the question everyone needs answering to. There are so many different quality assurances in the market today and you must first know which certification would match your business need.

Most companies today are required to adhere to certain norms that have been put forward by the pollution board. With more focus today on the degrading environmental conditions around us, it is an absolute must that every company takes the responsibility to do its bit for the environment. At the same time, these standards can help your business in many ways. You would be able to bring down your environmental negatives and improve on the overall efficiency of the system.

Environmental Management System
The most basic advantage is that your company would have the assurance that you meet and will continue meeting environmental management system commitments that are a must as per the various corporate policy requirements. This will mean you have a better chance of qualifying for tenders and government bids. The environmental management system would automatically enable you to take part in global tenders too. Thus giving a huge scope of improvement in the profitability of the company. There would be lesser wastages of energy and better savings, this would also add to the overall profitability of the company and give you all the room of improvement on the existing set up.

There would be many certifying agencies around the country, but it would make sense to utilize a company that has been in the business for years together. IRQS is one of the few that can give you a complete end to end solution on your quality management system installations. You can log into so that you can have a clear picture on the steps needed to attain a certification and even tell you the pre requisites of the quality system being implemented. Of course this would not be the easiest of tasks but absorbing the changes is a must to make sure you are making a change in the existing organizational balance.

Implementing an environmental management system would mean adding many practices and processes into the existing setup. You would have to take into account many procedures that would not have been applicable before but would now make a world of change for you. All of this because it would apply on the overall efficiency of your business. It would signify that all your business parameters are working towards the same single function – the overall efficiency of the company. Each rupee saved would equal to a rupee saved; and with a quality based system like this, you would be able to save money by just using the best practices in environmental management. You would be able to take your company to a new height altogether because of the change in efficiency that you are bringing out.


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