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ISO 50001 Energy Management System Introduction Training

Organizations all across the world are looking towards using energy efficiently, not only to save money but to tackle climate change too. ISO 50001 is an energy management system that is used to achieve this. It has been developed by energy management experts from more than 60 countries and we help you understand and tap the benefits. The energy management system is based on a model of continual efficiency improvement such as standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
We provide a 1 day course that explains to you the understanding of energy management system and the basic requirements of the ISO 50001 standards. We will provide delegates with training and certification what will make you understand the need of EMS and why it is very important in today’s world.
The course will explain the delegates about an overall view of the concepts, the requirements to the standards and also the benefits of understanding and using an EMS.
With the rising demands of environmental credentials needed today, understanding the needs of such a system is a must. It not only reduces your operational costs but also makes your company more efficient, which is the need of the hour today.
You can apply this knowledge into any organization that would want to understand and create a policy structure for better and efficient usage of energy. The certification would explain basics of the targets and objectives required to meet the policy. Delegates would understand how measurable data can be used to make quicker and better decisions about efficient energy use. An interesting fact about a continuously improving system like the ISO 50001 is that you need to review how the policy is functioning at all times, the course and training informs you about this too.

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