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ISO 50001 Energy Management System Lead Auditor Training

ISO 50001 is the latest and leading energy management system today and is being implemented by many organizations across the world. The advantages are being reaped all around the globe mainly because its benefits can be catered to a host of companies. Be it a multi-national company or a small establishment, a public or a private company, IS0 50001 can be put to good effect.
During this 5 days course, you will be guided on the implementation of an EMS. The training would cover many different aspects of a system and teaches you to establish the systems and processes required to improve energy performance, reduce energy consumption and boost energy efficiency. During the certification, you will be taught to understand the requirements of the EMS from an implementation perspective.
As suggested, the role of a lead auditor is to create an implementation plan, create the required documents, and keep a constant check by monitoring the system. Thus, in the process attaining the goal of continuous optimization in energy performance. The training course would also give you hands on experience so that you understand the system better. The certification course will also explain how you can integrate ISO 50001 with another system, like ISO 14001.
The lead auditor would always have to understand the different reports that need to be prepared, the factual records and even the value adding nonconformity reports. The training would also include follow up activities, corrective action to be taken in the energy management system as well as preventive measures that need to be followed.
The scope of a lead auditor is immense in any company that is following such energy standards. A certification like this would give you and your company a very competitive edge against all your competitors.

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