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What is Ship Building And Recycling Management System

Everybody who has had some sort of exposure to the shipping industry would understand the challenges that are present in the industry. If you have worked in the industry of ships and marines, you relate to the need in the market for a recycling management system. In such an industry, having a quality standard would increase the safety of the workers – this giving you a higher level of efficiency in the company. In such a time, having a would help you dramatically.
So, what is a ship building and recycling management system? Within the shipping and marine industry, there is a quality standard explained that ensure employees on a ship are safe as well as given the right environmental protection. This is done by implementing a string of processes that will ensure the quality is maintained. With so many different needs today, such a standard is a must in the industry. You will have the confidence of not only the employees but also that of the stake holders. The clients too would value your relationship.
When you have an , you can take it for sure that the requirements of bodies that are providing an audit or certification of ship recycling management will be matched. With a ship building and recycling management system, you would be able to have defined specifications for the audit and certification of such a system that complies with the safety and environmental requirements.
The industry demands approvals of international clients and even adhering international norms. All of this would be covered with such a certification. IRQS has been a part of several certifications and we understand the various requirements that are linked with the standard.


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