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ISO 22000 models are crucial for any association in the food chain industry that wants to be internationally recognized. It demonstrates to your customers and partners that you have introduced a proper Food Safety Management framework. This will issue them certainty to work with you since your items are reliable. It ... Read More
5 April 2015irqsadmin


Never before has there been so much emphasis on the environmental connect that is present in our day to day lives. We all are striving to enforce a massive connect with the environment today. This is an initiative that most companies are enforcing for around the world so that the ... Read More
3 September 2014irqsadmin


Are we really concerned about the future of the earth? Are we really worried about the environment our children would have to grow up in? We need to be constantly worried about the way our kids would grow up in the planet if we are not looking after Mother Nature ... Read More
14 April 2014irqsadmin


Everyone wants to highlight their company differently. But there are very few similarities that lie between different companies. Maintaining the credibility of the organization is one important task that is given to the management of every company. If you are in that position, you would want to be in place ... Read More
7 October 2013irqsadmin