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IRQS has been granted recognition as Food Safety Auditing Agency under the Food Safety and Standards ( Food Safety Auditing) Regulation, 2018 by the Food Authority. The Certificate of recognition for the following categories: 1) Food Processing ( Dairy/ Slaughter Houses/ Meat and Poultry processing units/ Egg and Egg ... Read More
28 February 2019irqsadmin


With reference to the above subject, would like to inform that in June 2018 the standard ISO 22000:2018 “Food safety management systems - Requirements for any organization in the food chain” was published under the ISO Technical Committee TC 34 (SC 17/WG 8) to replace ISO 22000:2005. The major ... Read More
27 February 2019irqsadmin


ISO 22000 models are crucial for any association in the food chain industry that wants to be internationally recognized. It demonstrates to your customers and partners that you have introduced a proper Food Safety Management framework. This will issue them certainty to work with you since your items are reliable. It ... Read More
5 April 2015irqsadmin


There is nothing as thrilling as owning a business that revolves around good food and drink. It is the one thing that gets everyone into a good mood and smiles. While the business does have its fair side of positives, it also has a very fragile negative side to it. ... Read More
27 August 2014irqsadmin


Handling the stress points for your business is of prime importance if you plan to increase the efficiency. It is the single most important factor when you are trying to scale up the different functions of your business. Understanding the different needs of the business is extremely important; it is ... Read More
13 August 2014irqsadmin


The most critical of all industries would be the food and restaurant industry. Everyone is double sure of the way we need to maintain our health and healthy lifestyle. In such a scenario, it comes as no surprise that the food industry requires so much emphasis when it comes to ... Read More
14 April 2014irqsadmin