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Setting up a company is not the toughest task; there are plenty of companies present today that have come by from scratch and have reached a commendable level by just completing the ongoing needs of the company. This makes it very easy to take your company to a place where ... Read More
27 August 2014irqsadmin


If someone were to ask you what your most treasured asset of the company was, what would you say? Your company? Your shares? Not really. It would have to be the employees that you have taken responsibility for. They are your biggest prize in the company. You may be able ... Read More
1 May 2014irqsadmin


Got the efficiency of your company as the most important factor on your mind? Well I would not blame you. There are many companies suffering from the condition of not being able to bring about a situation of efficiency in the company. Everyone wants to have a very efficient system ... Read More
7 October 2013irqsadmin