What is VALMON ?

Today Need For Network Security!!

Its a complete end to end package for network security. Its A Web application Presentation Tool, Vulnerability Assessment Package with Vulnerability Management system ingratiated for the technical and Top management with Real time graphs and data for further analysis Its A real time network monitoring System, base on open source frame work.

Every thing in a Single Package

Features of Valmon

  1. It has capability of Multiple Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  2. Has Host IDS (HIDS)
  3. Has Network IDS (NIDS).
  4. Data Acquired by Eagles-eye:
    • Host, Network, Session, Asset, Alert and Protocols
  5. Can be implemented as a standalone deployment with server and sensor.
  6. A master server and multiple sensors allows the system to be scaled as required.
  7. Interfaces can be used for analysis of alerts and captured events and then can be further exported for analysis in Network Forensic Analysis Tools (NFAT).
  8. NFAT is also a part of this.
  9. It can be managed for Administrator Desktop through Web client – remote access
  10. It Monitor and Alert real time malicious traffic.
  11. It has log correlation engine inbuild.
  12. The software identifies and categorizes incidents and events, as well as analyses them.
  13. Provide reports on security-related incidents and events, such as successful and failed logins, malware activity and other possible malicious activities
  14. Reports are designed to meet standard’s like HIPPA, SOX and PCI DDS,
  15. Sends alerts if analysis shows that an activity runs against predetermined rulesets and thus indicates a potential security issue.
  16. Its Work Like SIEM tool.
  17. Asset Management System.
    • Know what application are installed on desktop Application
    • Know how much ram is installed
    • Know HDD capacity and its usage
    • Alerts of HDD full
  18. Live Network monitoring system to monitor bandwidth
  19. Track (in log files) the actions and activities that take place across the operating system and applications.
  20. It come with Pre-Installed Honey pot to Understand and infection of malware and Zero-day attacks – Administrator help is needed.
  21. It has a capabilities of incident response
  22. It works completely like SIME and log management
  23. Threat detection & intelligence
  24. Fast and Simple to Deploy
  25. Reduces the Cost of Monitoring Multiple Customers and Environments

Whom Should go for this?
Any Vertical who is really concern about Data Security !!!!


  • Banks
  • Data Centres
  • Software Development Company
  • Hospitals
  • Any Manufacturing Companies