ISO 27001-2013 ISMS

The most important asset to any organisation, however big or small is information. There is nothing as valuable as the company’s own financial and technical data and protecting it is of utmost importance to the company. Information security management system is the function in place to protect the company’s information assets from potential risks. The asset in question could range from paper based information to electronic devices. It depends on how the valuable data is created, stored, archived and destroyed.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Introduction Training - 1 Day Course


Introduction to  ISMS and relevant ISO27001 requirements.

How ISMS could be used as an effective tool for establishing a robust information security system.

Business implications of Information Security Management System

The training will explain how ISMS can be used as an effective tool to establish a robust and secure information security system.

The certification program will also explore in brief the business implications of the international standard for international information security management. (ISO 27001:2013)

We live in an environment where there are constant threats from people and technology. A certification like this is necessary for a company that needs trained security personal to protect their information. By the end of the training, the delegate would have a good knowledge and understanding of important subject areas that form information security management system. The 1 day course would explain areas like risk management, technical and management controls, legal framework, people and physical security and the standards that are required.

Apart from understanding the standard requirements of ISO 27001, the training will also teach you how to document and implement the plans and procedures of an information security management system.

Such a course will give your company the ability to grow, innovate and increase your business knowing that your confidential and valuable information is kept protected always.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Internal Auditor Training - 2 Days Course

The ISO 27001 Internal Auditor training course provides an understanding on how to effectively audit Information Security Management System.

Attending this interactive course will not only give delegates overview of ISMS auditing requirements but also develops the auditing skills required to audit an ISMS system effectively with regards to ISMS requirements.

The internal auditor course gives its delegates a brief understanding of the audit requirements for a information security management system. The course will explain how to effectively conduct an audit for a system following the standards of ISO 27001.

This training will not only give the participants an overall understanding of ISMS auditing requirements but it will also improve the delegate’s auditing skills. There is a lot of plans and processes that have to be followed before an audit of an ISMS system and this course teaches you just that.

The course will guide you through the intrinsic details behind an internal audit for ISO 27001. A lead auditor is one of the most critical positions in a company and once you complete the certification, you would be able to take the information security management system to a better secure position.

The 2 days course will help you understand the monitoring requirements that are needed. The most critical part of the internal auditor course is the assessment skills you learn. The training will provide you with skills to effectively assess and manage the security policies and processes.

During the 2 days, you will also be taught how to manage a team of auditors. The certification will also explain how to implement different recognized audit principles, procedures and techniques.

During the training, the delegate will acquire the required skills and knowledge to conduct not only internal, but external audits. These audits will also include different practical exercise that will be in compliance with ISO 27001 standards so that you can firmly conduct an audit.

This certification is recommended to internal auditors, project managers or consultants who want to master information security management, members of an information security team, Senior Managers responsible for the IT governance and technical experts.

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