Computer & Network Forensic Investigation

Digital or Computer Forensic is process of uncovering electronic data and preserving evidence in its original form while Network Forensic Investigation Service deals with monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic for the purposes of information gathering, legal evidence or intrusion detection.


Having a 100% secure PC framework is a myth; cyber criminals equipped with the latest technology are exploiting limitations in the security tools. Having a contingency plan is need of the day; Our Network Forensic Investigation Service involves checking and examination of gathering and analyzing Data for affected systems. Our highly trained Cyber experts’ help you understand and minimize damage during cyber attacks and reduce downtime. 

In Digital or Computer Forensic Investigation we specialize in internal corporate investigations or intrusion investigation. Our expertise lies in checking intrusion detection, information gathering, and legal evidence to be used as evidence in civil, criminal or administrative cases.


  • Increase Business Continuity.
  • Protect Clients, Partners, and Third Parties.
  • Protection from Financial Damage.
  • Maintain the competitiveness and reliability of the systems required to run your business.
  • Recommend budget friendly implementations and upgrades.


  • High measures are taken to protect data from alteration, data corruption, or virus introduction.
  • Address legal issues regarding Electronic Evidence.
  • Retracting important deleted files and data in affected system.
  • Identify heightened security vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Adjust to increased data and Net Flow volumes.

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