Log Analysis Services

Log Analysis Services is used for analysis of computer-generated records for helping organizations in proactively and reactively mitigating different risks. Log analysis helps in reducing problem diagnosis, resolution time and in effective management of applications and infrastructure. 

Logs are provided by operating systems, applications, network equipment or similar devices. Log analysis can provide much-needed support for an existing or new data source. Log analysis are linked themselves to the unstructured data such as system logs, CPU data, configuration files and application logs, and then analyze these logs to provide valuable information.


Regular log analysis helps in reducing and avoiding the different risks associated with the organization, it helps in identifying root causes from the unstructured data. It plays pivotal role in providing evidence of what occurred, the factors that determined the cause and the impacts. Log Analysis helps in building countermeasures and models to reduce the risks. 

Log Analysis helps in identification of failed processes, network outages or protocol failures and it assists in increasing security awareness in organization.


  • Log Analysis helps in improving the search performance and helps in retrieving the information more quickly.
  • Log Analysis can be used to facilitate dynamic data streaming that is scalable across multiple remote sources.


  • Compliance with security policies
  • Security incident response
  • System troubleshooting
  • Identify intrusion attempts, mis-configured equipment

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