Mainframe Systems Security Audit Testing

Mainframe computing systems store and process enormous amounts of data and sensitive information, any kind of leak may lead to rapport damage and also attract hefty fines. 

mainframe security audit is detail inspection of computer processes, security followed by recommendations for improvement, these checks can be categorized into, risks, physical safeguards, security procedures, mainframe security audit definitions, audit policy and a review of the activity.


The more connected a mainframe is, the more work to secure it and potential compliance issues arise. Mainframes that are connected to web-based applications also present very real hacking and security concerns that must be addressed. For full compliance and to strengthen security, all systems and software must be examined and worked on. 

The process of an IT risk assessment is often the reason for which, the mainframe security audit is undertaken. The requirements for the audit will of course vary from case to case and are likely to be influenced the internal control policy of the organization and by security laws, standards or regulations which have been adopted by the organization.


  • Reduce your security risk by complying with standards
  • Determines system security is regularly updated and secured as needed to support the business.
  • Ensures that a current inventory of system software exists and is regularly maintained.
  • Policies for authorization, installation, testing, documentation, approval and implementation, are in place.


  • Identify gaps in security compliance and immediately act on the same
  • Boosts faith of customers while sharing sensitive data
  • Protects Organizations from hefty fines
  • Review password policies in the organisation.
  • Monitor whether controls are in place to deter unauthorized manipulation or theft of data

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