Malware and Network Analysis

Malware Analysis is the process of analyzing the functionality, origin and potential impact of a given malware sample such as a virus, worm, Trojan horse, root kit, or backdoor. Malware analysis process is the first immediate response to suspicious activity or after the impact of the Malware. Organization may perform bulk malware analysis in order to determine potential new indicators of compromise. 

Network Analysis is any structured technique used to mathematically analyze a circuit (a “network” of interconnected components). Quite often the technician or engineer will encounter circuits containing multiple sources of power or component configurations which defy simplification by series/parallel analysis techniques.


With the rise of technology, enormous amounts of data are stored online every minute, which has also attracted the attention of hackers. To answer rising threat to data security from Malware or malicious software it is vital to understand Malware, its origins and its behaviors in order to build the most valuable data protection strategy for your business. 

Malware can enter host through e-mail attachments and links web drive-by remote injections and direct downloads Malware’s goal is to weaken the victim’s system while it has extended control of administrative level access. Being unseen on the network, Malware collects classified data and information from the computer system. 

It has become a must for every organization to get a custom evaluation of its environment to determine the highest areas of vulnerability and to create the most cost-effective and protective security strategy


  • Have a proactive, not reactive, security plan.
  • Create cost-effective and protective security strategy
  • Protect valuable data
  • Avoid hefty fines


  • Determine potential new indicators of compromise
  • Understand how malware behaves and the latest techniques used in its construction.
  • Response plan for IT crisis

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