Source Code Review Testing

Source Code Review

Source Code review is a systematic examination of software source code. It is conducted to find bugs and improve the quality of the software. 

Source Code review plays a vital role if implemented during development process as it not only helps in saving valuable time but is also cost effective if implemented after deployment.

Why Source Code Review?

Source Code Review along with removing vulnerabilities in code, also ensures that Source Code complies with programming guidelines and matches its intended design. It helps in finding bugs which generally are tough or impossible to find. It serves as a platform for new developers to identify common security defects.


  • It helps in maintaining a level of consistency in software design and implementation
  • Increases efficiency and security
  • Increases confidence of stakeholders on technical quality
  • Cost-effective if implemented in development phase


  • Helps in enforcing industrial or company’s coding standards
  • It serves as a platform for new Developers to identify common security defects
  • Higher Software Security
  • Detailed Report of issues with threat level and steps to improve

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