VOIP and Wi-Fi Security Audits Testing

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) implementations have become very common leading more networks and legacy systems to get connected to public networks. VoIP implementations are growing fast and are expected to grow even faster. IP part is important for data security; Security is an important consideration when implementing VoIP because each element in the infrastructure is accessible on the network like any computer and can be attacked. 

Wireless network audits, are essentially similar to their “fixed network” equivalent in their goal: they aim at both identifying security and performance issues in the network, and at establishing a baseline against which future surveys will be measured.


One of the primary reasons of wireless networks getting hacked is because of the poor native protocol and encryption design coupled with common mistakes in configuring enterprise WLANs. Wireless auditing enables you to find out how secure the wireless environment of your company is so that it does not get hacked due to poor native protocol. 

Compromised VoIP user account or session credentials may enable an attacker to incur substantial charges from third-party services, such as long-distance or international telephone calling.


  • Evaluate your business’ password policy to ensure the passwords used meet the policy.
  • Study of the network design and the interconnection with the corporate network
  • Analysis and evaluation of the encryption system used
  • Checking the network against attacks and evaluating the detection mechanisms implemented


  • Data classification policies and management
  • Helps in understanding the security vulnerabilities in current WLAN, VOIP setup
  • Baseline configurations of deployed hardware and software
  • Helps in understanding the security vulnerabilities in current setup.

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