Web Application Security Testing

Web Application Security Testing

Web Application Security Testing verifies the effectiveness of web application safety. In order to protect data in the times of the rising web transactions, it has become very important for a thorough security testing of web applications. Web application penetration tests continue to be the critical part of the secure software development lifecycle process, its sole purpose being reduce or eradicate security-related design and coding errors.


Security testing for the web application is an essential procedure as consequences of a security breach are great:

  • Loss of revenues
  • Damage to credibility
  • Legal liability and
  • Loss of customer trust
  • To attain a secure software development lifecycle.

PCI DSS mandates to perform external and internal penetration testing, including network – and application-layer penetration tests, at least once a year as well as after any significant infrastructure or application upgrade or modification.
Web Application Pen Testing is Essential to strengthen Customer Confidence and run a Secure Business.


  • Gain Customer Trust which is a key component to customer adoption and Retention.
  • To Check whether security policies of a Company are effective or not
  • Provides valuable insight to an organization’s Web security posture


  • To identify and heal risk routes in application or company.
  • Flaws in software, system configuration settings and password weaknesses are reviewed and rectified.
  • Helps Developers rectify mistakes in future Projects

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