E-Commerce Website Security Testing

1 Day Course AWARENESS

Awareness course is designed to give delegates an overview of importance of Website Penetration Testing from data security point of view. This course focuses on the rise of cyber attacks on the E-Commerce Industry, various exploitation ways implemented by hackers, importance of Penetration Testing and how it can help organization. 

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to identify issues related to website design, including mobile payments and integrations with third-party vendors and products.


This course is designed to give a brief over view about importance of Penetration Testing in regards to organizations, how it can help the process of in business continuity as well managing their organization rapport. 

Delegates learn about the importance of Safety Policy and its implementation, advance technology for safe and secure transactions. They learn about preventive measures against Data Breach. 

After completion of this course delegates are able to carry out website security audit in their organization, identify malicious trojans and learn about various modes through which outsider can enter their websites.