Systems and Software Engineering

1 Day Course AWARENESS

Awareness Course is designed to give delegates an overview about the basics of ISO/IEC 23026:2015 requirements and also focuses on important aspects related to management requirements for the life cycle of websites. 

Delegates are made familiar with the standards of system engineering and management requirements for the life cycle of websites, including strategy design, engineering, testing validation, management and sustainment for Intranet and Extranet environments 

Delegates will be able to understand the basic requirements of Systems and Software Engineering on completion of the course.


This course enables delegates with skills and knowledge needed to perform internal audits on Systems and Software Engineering and help their organization in Data Security Management. 

Interpreting the requirement of ISO/IEC 23026:2015 and applying them in practical scenarios. This course develops skills and techniques required to measure the effectiveness of Systems and Software Engineering through Audit.


The essential objective of this course is to have awareness and provide understanding on the use of ISO/IEC 23026:2015 in terms to improve the usability of informational websites and ease of maintenance of managed Web operations. 

Participants learn the concepts, requirements, application in regards to Systems and Software Engineering, they further learn about advantages such as locating relevant and timely information, application of information security management system and consistent and efficient development and maintenance practices.