Supply Chain Security Management System

Supply chain describes an overall process that results in goods being transported from the point of origin to final destination and includes the movement of the goods, the shipping data, and the associated processes as well as the series of dynamic relationships. It involves many entities such as producers of the goods, logistics management firms, consolidators, truckers, railroads, air carriers, marine terminal operators, ocean carriers, cargo/mode/customs agents, financial and information services, and buyers of the goods being shipped. are not limited to, financing, manufacturing, information management and the facilities for packing, storing and transferring goods between modes of transport and locations.

ISO 28000 SMS outlines the requirements to enable an organization to establish, implement, maintain and improve a security management system, including those aspects critical to security assurance of the supply chain. These aspects include, but Supply risks such as threats from terrorism, fraud and piracy have serious implications to businesses. Throughout the supply chain, organizations must manage these risks and assure security by identifying potential threats, assessing risks and implementing measures to prevent any risks and threats from adversely affecting the success of their businesses.

This standard can be applied by organizations of all sizes involved in manufacturing, service, storage or transportation at any stage of the production or supply chain.

Understanding the right certification for your business is of utmost importance. You need to know the characteristics of your business and the key performance metrics for it. If your business has a supply chain though, you would want a Supply Chain Security management system.

What is supply chain security management system?

Every business around the globe wants to have a quality check at every activity within its company. There should be process to make sure that quality work is being done at all points of time. Of course, having routine checks and monitoring methods are a way to get this done, but is it the most efficient and fruitful? There are many certifications offered today and the key to having a successful quality system is by knowing the right certification that is needed for your business. There are many factors that revolve around the choice of a quality system but understanding them is the key. For example, if your business has a supply chain within it, you would be better off detecting the different threat points that are present in the system. A slip in any one of the processes and you could face severe damage either in property or even in finance. Having a  is a simple way to maintain a secure environment for your business.

What is security management certification for the supply chain?
Quite simply, it is a certification that specifies the needs of a security management system that is made specifically for a business’s supply chain. It takes note of all the direct impacts to the company and even the indirect impacts made.

We at IRQS understand the value of having a security management certification for the supply chain for your business and the value addition it will give you.

Having an  would help you boost your presence and brand value in multiple ways. It would help you reach out to a bigger audience and also improve the efficiency of the system in your company. These qualities will ensure your business strives in the market like never before.

Benefits of supply chain security management system

What quality standard would be best for your business? There are many certifications that are being offered today to boost the levels of efficiency in your company, but knowing which quality system would do the best for you is a task in itself. You must research well about the different possibilities that would match their business needs. For example, if your business is one that revolves around the functionality of a supply chain, you would be better off having the right security in place to ensure it is protected.

Many people may not know it, but an  can help your business in many ways. Having implemented many certifications over the last few years, IRQS has the know-how on quality standards and their benefits. Here are a few benefits of Security Management Certification for the Supply Chain:

  • Assurance on quality: Any customer that you interact with will know that you provide quality in the market. Having this form of brand image cannot have a price upon it. A simple reason behind this advantage is that your company is focused towards delivering quality service and products at every time.
  • Better marketing possibilities: A  would reduce the number of clients you lose and also help you grow on business, people would want to work with you because of the quality you bring to the table. You would be able to market the product extremely easily because of the quality promises. Retention of clientele is always important for a company you can achieve this easily with a quality standard.
  • Improve profitability: With a Security Management Certification for the Supply Chain, The entire supply chain would be visible with its possible threat points, thus you can improve the profitability at any point of time.

These benefits of Security Management Certification for the Supply Chain make it the most sought after quality standard in today’s world.

Why ISO 28000 Certification?

This standard will facilitate trade and the transport of goods across borders. It will increase the ability of organizations in the supply chain to effectively implement mechanisms that address security vulnerabilities at strategic and operational levels, as well as to establish preventive action plans.

ISO 28000 “Specification for security management systems for the supply chain” provides a framework for a security management system which is aimed at improving the overall security of supply chains.

How are ISO 28000 and ISO 9001/14001 linked?

ISO 28000 was designed to help integrate quality environmental and supply chain security management systems within an organization. It is compatible with ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).

ISO 28000 is based on a plan-do-check-act management system modeled after the proven ISO 14001 framework. The risk-based approach outlined in ISO 14001 is similar to the one used in ISO 28000

More Specific Benefits

  • Make the organizations a supplier of choice by demonstrating the organization’s capability to manage security issues within the supply chain.
  • Demonstrates systematic security supply chain management.
  • Develop business cooperation along the supply chain.
  • Improve stakeholder confidence by demonstrating more robust and secure supply chain management.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by demonstrating ability to meet their specific requirements.
  • Shorten customs clearance time and reduced secondary inspections.

Certification Procedure

The Certification Procedure is a multiple-step process. The certification cycle is described briefly:

  • Application for certification from client
  • Offer from IRQS India
  • Offer acceptance from client and order confirmation by IRQS India
  • Pre audit (optional)
  • Certification audit – (Stage 1 + Stage 2)
  • Issue of certificate on successful completion of certification audit
  • Surveillance audits at defined period
  • Recertification audit after 3 years