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Handling the stress points for your business is of prime importance if you plan to increase the efficiency. It is the single most important factor when you are trying to scale up the different functions of your business. Understanding the different needs of the business is extremely important; it is ... Read More
13 August 2014irqsadmin


The most critical of all industries would be the food and restaurant industry. Everyone is double sure of the way we need to maintain our health and healthy lifestyle. In such a scenario, it comes as no surprise that the food industry requires so much emphasis when it comes to ... Read More
14 April 2014irqsadmin


If you are part of any manufacturing business in the country, you are bound to want to instill a form of quality assurance for every single business partner of yours. It takes the best methods to get such a quality system into your organization and it would make a world ... Read More
4 October 2013irqsadmin