Candidates Testimonials

"IS0 9001 training course conducted by IRQS was really informative and helpful with course material, delivery and experience all relevant. The tutor was highly experienced and involved people in learning"

– Mahindra Patil

"A very good course, thank you! Tutor was very good at making a potentially dry subject interesting and a lot of information was covered."

– Sameer Bidaye

"The course covered everything I was hoping to learn and now feel confident in carrying out an internal audit"

– Annie Suchitta

"The course tutor was professional and entertaining with a great level of knowledge, very good presentation style and good sense of humour."

– Dr Ujwala

"The course tutor was enthusiastic and amusing which kept the course content interesting. It covered all areas I was hoping to find out more about."

– Capt George Kunnel Lewis