BRCGS (Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standards)

The BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard has set the benchmark for over 20 years. It is the leading Global Food Safety Initiative ( GFSI) Scheme. 

The BRCGS Food Safety Standard is the most widely accepted by global retailers, food service companies, procurement companies, agents and brokers, and manufacturers when assessing the capabilities of their suppliers.

Standard Scope

BRCGS Global Standards For Food Safety Certification
BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard

Audits Options

There are a number of audit options available for sites and these have expanded for Issue 9.

Audit Protocol

Reference : BRCGS – Food Safety standard Issue 9


Download a copy of the Standard

Review any appropriate guidelines

Select an audit option(announced, unannounced or blended),with or without additional modules

Self-assess compliance with the standard

Select a certification body

Definr scope of thrr audit

Ensure information and appropriate personal are available for the audit, even in the event of an unannounced audit.

Provide information to certifiaction body foor audit preparation

Define audit date(or parameters if unannounced) and agree audit duration based on audit duration calculator

The audit will consist of several different audit techniques, including:

  • Opening meeting
  • Production facility inspection
  • Document review
  • vertical audit (including traceability challenge and mass balance)
  • Final review of finding
  • closing meeting

Carry our corrective action, root cause analyze and develop a preventive action plan for nay non-conformities identified. Evidence must be submitted within 28 days of the end of the audit.

Certification body reviews evidence in 14 days.

If corrective action, root cause analysis and preventive action plan are deemed satisfactory, a certificate, audit report and corresponding grade will be issued within 42 days of the audit.

Ongoing maintenance of the standard and continual improvement.

Gec login details for the BRCGS Directory and share audit report.

Use of BRCGS Logo.

Ongoing communication with certification body.

Schedule re-audit date before the next audit id due.


The START! programme has been developed to complement the BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety . It provides opportunities to recognise and encourage the development of food safety systems in small sites where the full requirements of the Standard may not always be practical or add value and in sites that are still developing food safety management systems. The START! programme is aligned with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Global Markets programme.
The START! programme will enable audits and certification against two levels of requirements:
  • Basic
  • Intermediate
The Basic- and the Intermediate-level requirements of the START! programme provides recognised stepping stones towards eventual certification to the full Standard (if required).

Benefits of the START! programme

The scope of the START! programme

The START! programme does not apply to food products that do not undergo any process at the audited site or to activities relating to wholesale, importation, distribution or storage outside the direct control of the company.

Relationship between the full Standard and the START! programme

In developing the requirements for the Basic and Intermediate levels of the START! programme, the following criteria have been taken into account:
  • Audit protocol – BRCGS Start! Issue 1
  • Reference : BRCGS Start! Standard
BRCGS Food Safety Standards - BRC Food Safety Certification

Revision of the START! Programme

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