Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


To be the first choice of all existing & potential
customers globally.


To promote Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, protection of the Environment and prevention of pollution by making every effort to be a Safer, Smarter and Greener Organization.


By promoting & driving a safety culture to prevent loss or harm to personnel, property and environment,


By using competent personnel to
deliver our services and continually
improving the reliability of our


By sharing knowledge and taking measures to reduce environmental footprints to achieve sustainable development.

Recruitment, Qualification & Training Policy

To recruit qualified personnel for all positions, enhance their knowledge and competence continually by relevant training and experience throughout their career.

Quality, Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Policy

In pursuit of customer satisfaction, quality of services provided, occupational health & safety of its employees and to positively influence the safety performance of the industry and protection of the environment, IRS is committed to:

Quality Policy: