FSSAI Third Party Audit

FSSAI Third Party Audit : Food Safety Auditing

FSSAI Third Party Audit

What is FSSAI Third Party Audit?

To strengthen the food safety surveillance system in the country, FSSAI has taken up audits of food business operators through third-party audit agencies. IR CLASS is one of the empanelled audit agencies by FSSAI in accordance with Food Safety and Standard (Food Safety Auditing) Regulation, 2018.

The recognized auditing agencies will only be engaged by FSSAI to audit some food businesses as decided by the FSSAI from time to time.

The food authority shall from time to time specify the category of food businesses that shall be liable for mandatory audits and the food business operators which are not mandatorily subject to food safety auditing but are desirous of getting audited by the recognized auditing agency, can opt for the same as laid down in section 8(2) of the regulation. Also, the audits conducted by the provisionally recognized auditing agencies would be deemed to be conducted under the Food Safety and Standards (Food Safety Auditing) Regulations, 2018. (https://www.fssai.gov.in/home/safe-food-practices/THIRD-PARTY-AUDITS.html)

Food Businesses classified by Food Authority for mandatory Food Safety Audits will be liable to get their businesses timely audited by recognised Auditing Agencies. Food Authority will declare the category/type of food businesses subject to mandatory audit based on risk classification and the frequency of audits. This classification will be based on factors like Food type, Intended Customer use, nature of the activity of the business, Volume of the business & Method of processing/any other factors prescribed by the Authority.

Benefits of FSSAI Third Party Audit

Ensure Food Safety & Quality

Improve control over the food safety process by detecting & eliminating food hazards with careful implementation of FSSC FSMS.

Become Globally Recognised

Get certified and obtain global recognition to increase your authority in the market.

Attract New Customers

With an exceptional reputation, gain new customers who trust your brand and buy from you with confidence.

Generate More Revenue

Achieve continual improvement to maximise your revenue growth and scale your business to new heights.

Legal Compliance

Meet food safety legal compliance and corporate requirement.

Improve Management Processes

Provides a framework for consistent management, accountability, continuous improvement and communication.

Whom is the FSSAI Food Safety Audit For?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued an order mandating food safety audit of food businesses holding a central licence and falling under high-risk categories.

Product ID Product
Dairy products & analogues, excluding products of food category 2.0
Meat and meat products including poultry.
Fish and fish products, including mollusks, crustaceans and echinoderms
Eggs and egg products
Foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses ( Food for infant nutrition etc )
Prepared Foods ( Catering etc )

Food businesses that are not subject to mandatory Food Safety auditing can also go for auditing of their businesses on a voluntary basis.

FSSAI Third Party Auditing Process

Step - 1
Application for
Food Safety certification

Step - 2
Offer from
IRQS India

Step - 3
Offer acceptance from client and
order confirmation by IRQS India

Step - 4
Auditing as per
FSSAI Third Party Audit requirements

Client Case Study

Implementing FSSAI  can help drive quality and continuous improvement in your organization. The following case studies offer a look at the difference FSSAI made for organizations in terms of overall food quality, manufacturing efficiency and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of audits are there in FSSAI?

There are three different audit techniques for food safety. It includes – Compliance audit for government regulations, program audit for reviewing the safety programs and management system audit for an overall evaluation of compliance and safety. The third-party audit is also a critical step for food safety. It is an inspection process for an organization, carried out simultaneously with the internal audit in the organization.

What are the Objectives of Food Safety Audit?

Food safety and quality audits in the food industry are essential for more than one reason. The rudimentary objectives are to – evaluate the food chain management systems, acquire the essential certifications that exhibit optimal care for food safety and quality standards, examine the condition of the production units and products, legal compliance specific to the country and government, etc. A safety audit objectively reviews the various safety provisions available and in practice. The purpose is to recognize the potential hazards, performance and follow the safety rules and regulations. 

What is FSSAI inspection?

FSSAI or the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India has defined an checklist for inspecting the production quality at the FBOs. The Food Safety Officers review the food business operators and their production unit to deliver an in-depth report on the performance. The Food inspection services involves a systematic monitoring of the production steps, products, and management systems.

How to prepare for a food safety audit?

The food safety audit is not a one-step process and you need to prepare the team and business for a successful audit outcome. Internal auditing can prepare the company before the third-party professional audit. It helps in gap analysis and recognizing the imminent risks. It is essential to prepare the staff by informing them about the best practices.

One needs to educate the team about the various ways to manage the audit requirements and technicalities of the third-party audit. Documentation is vital for organizing the third-party food safety audit and thus you require a professional expert to guide you in every possible way.

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