ISO 14001 Lead Auditors

ISO 14001:2015 EMS (CQI and IRCA Certified) Lead Auditor Training Course

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ISO 14001:2015 EMS Lead Auditor Training Course


ISO 14001 EMS (Environmental Management System) Lead Auditors Course is designed for individuals who want to gain expertise in auditing environmental management systems in organizations. This course covers various topics related to environmental management, including principles, requirements, audit techniques, and best practices.

Below is a comprehensive list of the topics covered in the course along with five key points for each topic.
Environmental Management Principles:
  • Environmental management principles and their importance
  • Sustainable development and its relationship with environmental management
  • Life cycle thinking and how it can be applied in environmental management
  • Pollution prevention and control measures
  • The role of stakeholders in environmental management
ISO 14001 EMS Requirements:
  • Overview of ISO 14001 EMS standard
  • Key requirements of ISO 14001 EMS standard
  • The structure and content of the ISO 14001 EMS standard
  • The process approach and its significance in ISO 14001 EMS
  • The importance of continual improvement in ISO 14001 EMS
Environmental Aspects and Impacts:
  • Environmental aspects and their significance in environmental management
  • Identification and evaluation of environmental aspects and impacts
  • Determination of significant environmental aspects and impacts
  • Documentation and communication of environmental aspects and impacts
  • Evaluation and management of environmental aspects and impacts
Environmental Management System Audit:
  • Types of environmental management system audits
  • Audit planning, preparation, and implementation
  • Audit reporting and follow-up
  • Auditor competence and ethical behavior
  • Audit records and documentation
Audit Techniques:
  • Audit techniques and their applications in environmental management system audits
  • Interview techniques for environmental management system audits
  • Document review techniques for environmental management system audits
  • Observations and sampling techniques for environmental management system audits
  • Data analysis techniques for environmental management system audits
  • Best Practices in Environmental Management:
  • Best practices in environmental management
  • Integration of environmental management with other management systems
  • Environmental policy development and implementation
  • Performance measurement and evaluation in environmental management
  • Communication and reporting of environmental performance


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ISO 14001 Training?

The ISO 14001 lead auditor training course is a four-to-five-day course based on the critical aspects related to ISO 14001 (environmental management system standard). It helps in auditing the environmental systems and evaluate the existing policies and processes. Skill-training and knowledge expansion are critical for recognizing the unique auditing situations. In the end, there is an exam to certify the competence of the attendee.

How do I get started with the ISO 14001 Training?

Connect to IRQS to learn about the training facilities and get started with the auditing course. We offer end-to-end support to inform you about the course requirements. Register with us and get started.

How long will it take to get ISO 14001 Training completed?

The entire course content is forty hours long. It can take five days to complete the course content through class sessions. Get more information by reading the course brochure for ISO 14000 training.

Why choose IRQS for ISO 14001 Training?

IRQS is the best choice for ISO 14001 training. We have transformed over 10,000 careers and helped them gain professionally with the auditor training. With 42+ global offices, we have trained candidates for more the 25 years. Our expertise and experience make us the ultimate choice for the ISO 14001 training with 40 hours of learning content. Count on our expertise and training facilities. We offer online, offline, and on-site training solutions to ease the requirements. Connect to us for the training programs, developed and delivered by subject matter experts with competitive educational credentials.

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