ISO 27701:2019 (PIMS)

ISO 27701 - Privacy Information Management System

ISO 27701 - Privacy In Information Management System

Our Focus

For the Global General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the drafting of numerous similar privacy laws and regulations around the world, we have a huge market for the code of conduct, to illustrate privacy data compliance and certification. This is where ISO 27701 and IRQS comes in place.

What is ISO 27701 Certification?

But, what is exactly ISO 27701 ?

ISO 27701 is one of the most reliable Information security management standards that structures how businesses should manage the various risks that are associated with information security threats; including policies, procedures and staff training. In a nutshell, ISO 27701 is a certification for Information Management System specification that defines a thorough set of operational checklists that can be tailored to a wide range of regulations, including GDPR.

It is a one-stop solution for businesses, industries, and all types of organizations to document their policies, procedures, protocols, and activities in accordance with the operational checklists of the standard, with records then audited by internal and third-party auditors, resulting in detailed proof of standard compliance. Here’s what ISO 27701 is capable of:-

Why IRQS is Standardisation?

The International Organization for Standardisation, in partnership with the International Electrotechnical Commission, publishes the ISO/IEC 27001. Furthermore, the ISO/IEC 27001, defined within the ISO 27001 standard are information security guidelines, requirements intended to protect an organisation’s data assets from loss or unauthorised access and it also is recognised as a means of demonstrating their commitment to information security management through certification.

Furthermore, ISO 27001, includes a risk assessment process, organisational structure, and information classification. Access control mechanisms, physical and technical safeguards, Information security policies, procedures, and monitoring and reporting guidelines. 

What Constitutes the Foundation of the Standard?

IRQS’s ISO 27001 Certificates' Key Points

Privacy requires security. For security management, ISO 22701 relies on ISO 27001 standardBy creating a point of convergence between what may otherwise be two distinct roles, ISO 27001 offers new controller- and processor-specific rules that assist businesses in overcoming the difficulties of privacy and security.

The ISO 27701 certifications offered by IRQS can be added to ISO 27001 certifications; they can be acquired by individual organizations & businesses.

How does IRQS ISO 27701 Address the Issues with Compliance?

Organizations are required to protect any personally identifiable information against theft, loss, and damage in accordance with the GDPR’s regulations. With the capacity to demonstrate that inappropriately retained personal data is removed.

These Three Significant Compliance Challenges are Assisted by IRQS ISO 27701 Certifications

It is necessary to concentrate on numerous laws when using Our ISO 27701 certifications as an integrated method of data privacy operational control.

ISO 27701 is a global standard that is made to comply with GDPR and data protection laws while still being adaptable enough to fit the needs of particular industries.

This enables businesses to comply with various regulatory standards while working inside a single framework.

We Can Audit Each Regulation Individually

In a single audit cycle, internal and external auditors utilize ISO 27701 certifications to assess regulatory compliance. Compared to adopting a fragmented regulation-by-regulation audit procedure, it saves your money.

Promises of Compliance without Evidence could be Dangerous

It is not sufficient for businesses to adhere to best practices for data privacy; they also need to be able to demonstrate compliance with laws and regulations. That necessitates having a solid, integrated documentation procedure.

Businesses with intricate operations may use a variety of cloud service providers, partner vendors, and data controllers and processors.

Any portion of the supply chain where it is impossible to demonstrate compliance with rules or regulations could put the company at risk for loss of money and goodwill.

Benefits of IRQS ISO 27701 Certifications

You can demonstrate compliance with a wide range of international privacy legislation using the framework provided by our ISO 27701.

The advantages consist of

Incorporates the most recent information security best practices

The most effective information security standards are integrated with our ISO 27701 system. This enables the easy development and maintenance of policies and processes across several standards, as well as the confidence that implementing ISO 27701 standards won't affect your compliance with other standards.

Encourages adherence to other privacy laws

The "industry standard" to abide by new data protection laws is our ISO 27701. Despite the fact that ISO 27701 complies with the GDPR's guiding principles, it also enables enterprises to prove that they have complied with other privacy standards, laws, and guidelines.

Flexible enough to take jurisdictional differences into account

In order to comply with various privacy laws, our ISO 27701 standard was created to establish guidelines for handling personally identifiable information. You can incorporate these jurisdictional specifics into ISO 27701 if your business operates outside the EU and you want to adhere to regulations that are equal to GDPR in your particular region.

Why is ISO 27701 Better than the Rest?

One of the reasons why ISO 27701 is highly recommended is because of its ability to build a Privacy Information Management System that complies with a majority of privacy regulations, including the EU’s GDPR, BS 10012 and South Africa’s POPIA. Our simplified, secure, sustainable software will help you easily and effortlessly follow the approach outlined by the internationally recognised standard. Furthermore, the all-in-one-platform ensures your privacy work aligns with and meets the needs of each section of the ISO 27701 standard. And it has the ability to be mapped onto any regulation depending on the need. Besides this, other reasons why ISO 27701 is the preferred choice are- Strong Together

When PIMS is added to your ISMS, on the IRQS platform, the security posture remains all-in-one-place and this will ensure that duplication is avoided where the standards overlap. With PIMS accessible to selected authorized users, monitoring, generating reports and performing audits against both ISO 27001 and ISO 27701

All features that you need

You could be a beginner who is taking a closer look at data privacy or a professional looking to integrate multiple standards and regulations, the features that we offer are user-friendly.

ROPA is more than just easy

With the PIMS, data mapping and monitoring is more than just easy and effortless. Moreover, It is easy to record and review it all. Adding your organization’s details to our pre-configured dynamic Records of Processing Activity tool is an effortless task.

Built-in Risk

Managing risk is one of the parameters that determine the success of a PIMS. That’s why we’ve created a built-in risk bank and a range of other practical tools that’ll help with every part of the risk assessment and management process.

Secure space for DRR

Regardless of the privacy standards or regulations you are working on, you will need to show how well you manage Data Subject Rights Requests (DRR).

Uses Of PIMS And ISO 27701 PIMS

What is PIMS?

Personal Information Management Systems (PIMS) are new products and services that give individuals the power to have more control over their personal data. PIMS enable individuals themselves to manage and control their online identity. They are systems that give individuals more control over their personal data. PIMS gives individuals the ability to manage their personal data in secure, local or online storage systems and share them when and with whom they choose.  Providers of online services and advertisers will need to interact with the PIMS if they plan to process individuals’ data. This can enable a human-centric approach to personal information and new business models.

What is ISO 27701 PIMS?

ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), an extension to ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS). It can support your organisation in meeting the regulatory requirements and managing privacy risks related to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

The ISO 27701 PIMS offers the organization many benefits:

If you need help with obtaining the right certifications in information management systems for your business, get in touch with us today.