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    1. Response on Enquiry & Order Processing

    2. Response on Audit Planning

    3. Response on Invoicing

    4. Response on Issuance of Draft / Final Certificate

    5. Auditor’s understanding of the process of your organization

    6. Auditor’s attitude towards the auditee

    7. Extent of evaluation by the auditors verifying compliance

    8. Auditor’s conduct during the audit & resolution of any open issues

    9. Value additions made to your system through IRQS audit

    10. Auditor’s Sincerity & willing to consider alternative ideas or points of view

    11. Tactful in dealing and effectively interacting with people

    12. Exhibiting a courteous and professional behaviour

    13. Did all the audit team members wear Safety shoes and other PPE’s as applicable, through-out the audit process.

    14. Would you prefer to have the same auditor/ audit team in the next audit?

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