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The need for ResponsibleSteel

The world’s largest materials industry, steel generates a turnover of 1 trillion US dollars and is 10 times larger than the aluminium industry, 7½ times larger than the copper industry and 4 times that of the cement industry.

Steel is the world’s most widely used material. Stakeholders and those who use steel in the automotive, construction, energy, infrastructure, packaging, transport and white goods sectors have a growing expectation that the materials they work with are responsibly sourced and produced. While such assurances already exist for the aluminum, concrete, stone and aggregates industries, ResponsibleSteel is the first such initiative for the steel sector.

Responsible Steel certification programme will be of value to producers already maintaining high standards, by providing a competitive edge in the market. It will bring benefits to stakeholders and to the industry as a whole, by encouraging those who could operate more responsibly to raise their game. Steel production has a major environmental, social and economic impact, both positive and negative. And complying with local legal obligations governing the processes involved is not enough to meet the demands of customers, stakeholders and society on a global scale.

A not-for-profit organisation, ResponsibleSteel is the industry’s first global multi-stakeholder standard and certification programme. Mission is to maximise steel’s contribution to a sustainable society.

This can only be achieved through cooperation and mutual commitment by companies atall levels of the steel supply chain, representatives of civil society and other stakeholders.

ResponsibleSteel has developed an independent certification standard and programme that aims to align with the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice.

Guiding Principles


Listen & understand

Recognise the expectations of all shareholders.
Portrait of a young worker in a hard hat at a large metalworking plant. Shiftman on the warehouse of finished products

Agree & establish

Identify the best standard that works for all

Recognise & reward

Grant certification that standards are met

Enhance & benefit

Provide a clear commercial and reputational advantage

"Certified Site"

IRQS an approved certification body for the ResponsibleSteel Certification

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Ongoing Monitoring

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Main steps to certification