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The ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor Training course is a concentrated and formal study given by certified registrars and organizing associations. It helps course members to perform ISO 9001 quality administration framework reviews from alternate points of view and how to construct a useful and effective quality administration system. People opting for ... Read More
2 April 2015irqsadmin


We live in a world where quality is the most important metric! Everything that we work on or measure in our day to day lives works with the level of quality we get on to the table. This is why we have a massive effort rolled out to businesses that ... Read More
29 June 2014irqsadmin


Having a stagnant business could be the most frustrating situation for any business owner. It means a slowdown in business and a sudden change like this could prove very negative for your financials. This is why it is extremely important to constantly improve on your functioning of the business. This ... Read More
28 June 2014irqsadmin


There is no denying the fact that there are so many competitors for every business today. It would mean tougher breaks in business and lesser margins for profit. In such a scenario, there are very few control points for your business. You need to be extremely careful on the match ... Read More
7 April 2014irqsadmin


The Indian market is a very difficult place to survive today. You have plenty of competition and people dropping down prices at every instant to get market share. The best way to keep your market share intact is by delivering quality at every chance. Everyone wants to deliver quality and ... Read More
7 October 2013irqsadmin