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Have you ever felt that your company could be doing a lot more with the present work force and the strong base that you have created? Well, it is quite common to think on those lines especially if you hold a start up that has been introduced into the market ... Read More
29 June 2014irqsadmin


With the coming of the digital age, we are able to control critical points of our business thanks to technology. We are able to understand the problems in our business better and quicker. With this comes the obvious advantage of fixing problems and relating to the development of the business. ... Read More
7 April 2014irqsadmin


Every business in the world requires a push into better space. While starting a business is difficult, it is a lot tougher to maintain a business according to industry experts. You need to ensure that you have all the different verticals of the business working towards a single goal, which ... Read More
4 October 2013irqsadmin