The Importance of BRCGS Certification in the Food Industry

Importance of BRCGS Certification
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The Importance of BRCGS Certification in the Food Industry

Food safety is a vital aspect and matters the most in the food supply chain. It is essential to review the specific packaging material standards because they play a prime role in ensuring food safety and hygiene. It helps an organization to get recognized as a trusted supplier. The BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging Materials is ideal for food-based brands and helps demonstrate the best quality products. Ensure optimal quality assurance, legal compliance, and authenticity with BRCGS certification. 

About BRCGS 

– BRCGS was founded in 1996 by Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standards. The certification is part of a renowned body operating with a set of safety standards and certification schemes across the globe. The BRCGS Food Safety and BRCGS Packaging and Packaging Materials are among the most prominent schemes. BRCGS certification exhibits the best manufacturing practices to be benchmarked. It helps deliver optimal assurance of high quality and safety across the dynamic food supply chains. Both industry specialists and consumers can vouch for the reliability and integrity of the globally acknowledged certificates on food and its ingredients. 

Prime areas of concern

The certification framework has become a world choice and more than 22,000 sites in the world have adopted the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard. It is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The food certification incorporates international and local regulations and has been developed by food industry experts, including – retailers, manufacturers, and food services organizations.  

The certification exhibits a robust framework based on the various aspects related to product safety, integrity, legality, and quality. With well-defined operational controls for the manufacturing, ensure the best control over food packaging and food ingredients.  

BRCGS food safety focuses on

 The framework is efficient and covers more than one area of food safety services. The prime aspects are – 

  1. Senior-level management and cultural development for product safety 
  2. Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) with a food safety plan 
  3. Quality management systems or QMS
  4. Environmental and operational conditions
  5. Enhancement of food fraud prevention systems 
  6. Operational systems for optimal product security and food defense  
  7. Reviewing and combating risk zones 

Food and packaging industry – Know the significance.

The BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard is ideal for a manufacturer producing packaging materials for different products. The product range can vary from food to consumer goods. It is suitable and specifically designed to provide a world-class standard with maximized efficiency and effectiveness. It is an excellent tool for the packaging industry, and it ensures optimal consumer safety and compliance avoiding legal hassles. 

This standard was developed by the British Consortium or BRC, in partnership with The Packaging Society. There are two categories of operations, including – 

  1. High Hygiene Risk – All packaging types that come into physical contact with food products and hygiene-sensitive products. 
  2. Low Hygiene Risk – All packaging types that suit the consumer products and meet the tertiary packaging requirements. 

BRCGS packaging standard reviewing the following – 

  1. Senior management commitment and the development of a culture of product safety 
  2. Hazard and risk management system that focuses on hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)  
  3. Product safety and quality management systems  
  4. Environmental and operational requirements 
  5. Product and process controls 

Capture the vegan market with BGRS.

The taste is evolving, and more people are turning vegan and choosing a vegetarian diet. In the fast-growing global plant-based markets, BRCGS brings the ideal solution. It provides a Plant-Based Certification based on the skills, expertise, and scientific knowledge of the food safety programs. The BRCGS plant-based certification program helps the manufacturing units to develop plant-based foods. It is an effective choice for the comprehensive management system approach.

The BGRS program includes operational norms that guarantee optimal safety for plant-based products.

Ensure the elimination of animal-origin material in vegan food products with maximized quality controls. It is convenient to add to the GFSI benchmarked Food Standard or Global Markets Program on the intermediate level, demonstrating the best commitment to serve the plant-based sector. BRCGS is efficient and keeps the clients informed with the well-documented and designed Plant-Based Trademark. 

Better business opportunities 

It is paramount to assess the service potential of food suppliers. One can find an efficient solution to assess the professional capabilities of the suppliers with the certification framework. There are many brand owners, retailers, food service companies, and manufacturers willing to acquire the BRCGS certification. But it needs a systematic solution.

Whether it is a local brand or operating in an emerging global market, the BRCGS-certified packaging producer helps significantly. It boosts the product quality to earn customer trust in the long run. Working with a BRCGS-certified packaging producer pushes the standards of product safety. Additionally, it helps reduce waste, complaints, and returns.

The practical benefits of the BRGS certification make it the ideal solution for manufacturers in the industry. The BRCGS certification enhances the prospects for a brand and boosts the international recognition for their product quality. It also amplifies the production to the next level. The standard safeguards the brands and consumers, assuring optimal operational guidelines and product quality and safety norms. If you are a food producer, supplier, or distributor and want to associate with large retailers, consider getting certified. The packaging must be BRCGS-certified to meet global standards and expectations. 

Closing note – Enjoy the diverse benefits.

Make the best choice with the globally acknowledged certification and connect a single-standard third-party certification for quality standards and safety evaluation. It will help you reduce the cost, effort, and time. Enhance business performance with systematic solutions and boost the continuous improvement process. It results in increased efficiency of the operational process.

Maximize the competitive advantage by following the globally accepted safety norms based on quality, hygiene, and food safety. Explore an opportunity to amplify the business and seek new markets with a robust BRCGS certification. Develop a trustworthy brand and gain customer confidence by establishing a self-improving quality, hygiene, and product safety system. Make the best choice by acquiring the certification systematically.