The Importance of IMS Global Certification for Education Institutions

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The Importance of IMS Global Certification for Education Institutions

IMS Global is an international non-profit collaborative focusing on the advancement of the ed-tech industry. It focuses on interoperability, innovation, and coming-of-age impactful learning techniques. IMS delivers a plug-and play-architecture with an innovative approach. IMS-certified institutions are improving rapidly with the ever-growing facilities of interoperability and digital learning. IMS certification brings a bond of trust and commitment to developing innovative products. The innovative products benefit the instructors, students, and educational institutions in the long run.

IMS Global Standards – IMS Global Standards falls under the IMS Global Learning Consortium network. It is a non-profit organization. The prime focus is delivering a seamless integration and flexible architecture with the IMS Standards. It develops a benchmark, enhancing the user experience, deeper insight, optimal flexibility, etc. In fact, it also moderates the choice within digital learning and assessment tools. Modern institutions across the globe utilize standards structured by IMS to amplify educational prospects.

Learning tool interoperability – Critical for the EdTech industry

  • The LTI, or learning tool interoperability standard delivers the industrially-accepted standard for smooth collaboration between emerging learning tools and software applications. Simply put, the LTI standard facilitates the Learning Management System or LMS with an educational tool, or application. It could be virtual classrooms, domain-specific learning engines, etc. 
  • An LTI-based framework offers a single-point integration for more than one application within a system. It acts as the gateway in the interoperable ecosystem. Within the new-age framework, end users can access multiple web-based applications with advanced functionalities, capabilities, and learning solutions. 

Question and Test Interoperability – Bringing dynamic solutions

Learning involves various steps and procedures. The techniques of assessment creation, delivery, and results are part of the QTI standard. The international standard facilitates the assessment process and learning ecosystem with content authoring tools, LMSs, and test delivery platforms. It boosts the assessment process with an enhanced solution for daily instruction support or individual subject mastery. Dynamic tools also play an integral part in improving assessment and learning procedures.

Know the background of IMS.

IMS was developed by the IMS members, the leading experts in the field of educational and learning technology. The experts come from the top K-20 institutions, ed-tech industries, leading learning technology product suppliers leading institutions, etc. It got organized under the U.S. tax code. It is a non-profit membership organization. IMS operates under the IPR or intellectual property rights policy and the National Cooperative Research and Production Act. The framework provides the maximum protection for IP. 

Benefits of IMS in the field of education and technology

IMS Global Learning Consortium or IMS Global or IMS is an efficient and effective non-profit member organization. IMS is committed to improving the technology with scalable opportunities. In the long run, it improves educational participation and learning solutions. 

  • One of the prime attributes of IMS Global is to ensure the best “Learning Impact” of technology via learning innovation. With the global community of IMS, obtain tailor-made solutions for educational institutions, suppliers, etc. It offers the best-in-class open interoperability standards, offers the ideal adoption norms for resource implementation, and highlights effective practices.
  • The standardization with a world-class approach focuses on accelerating digital transformation. It facilitates education institutions to become innovative and aims for an improved and seamless user experience. In the long run, it also focuses on reducing the cost of introducing new-age learning products in educational enterprise systems.

A comprehensive benefit – IMS members offer a comprehensive solution by covering more than one aspect. The IMS standards cover the creation and implementation of innovative products for the ed-tech industry, etc. It also offers the development and arrangement of technology to achieve learning impact. It improves access, affordability, and learning quality. 

Reasons to get certified – 

  1. The world-class certification exhibits a reputed and reliable status for the ed-tech institution. It includes passing a set of tests to ensure interoperability.
  2. The certification process connects the educational organization to the global ed-tech community with enhanced technical resources, making the implementation steps of the standard more convenient. 
  3. The certification provides a unique registration number for a product. The certified products get optimal technical support for ensuring the best troubleshooting to resolve technical issues.
  4. Organizations achieving world-class certification can use the certification logo in product and general marketing, generating better business prospects.
  5. Ensure consistent improvement with continuous updates and evolved solutions designed by the standardization framework and conformance testing.
  6. Ensure high-traffic marketing exposure with the certification and certified products facilitating the learning quality.

Eliminate inefficiency with IMS certification – A need for every organization.

Integrated management systems or IMS certification delivers a holistic approach. It combines several aspects that influence an organization’s performance and helps the organization meet the norms of several management system standards. It includes recognized standards like – ISO 9001 or quality management, ISO 14001 or environmental management, ISO 45001 or occupational health and safety, ISO 27001 or Information Security, and ISO 50001 or energy management.

The consolidated and comprehensive approach ensures meeting multiple requirements and norms and maintaining a structured organization. In the long run, it reduces inefficiency and boosts performance to the next level. Even for educational institutions, it eliminates the worries related to inefficiency, resource drainage, etc. With IMS certification and standardization framework, ensure a simplified process and end-to-end documentation. 

It is the need of the hour to develop systematic, structured, and documented management systems at educational institutions. It defines a holistic approach for the ed-tech institutions to achieve the prime objectives crucial to operating the business without compromising the learning measures. 

Summing up

The essentiality of IMS is increasing rapidly, and more institutions are recognizing the certification’s worth. An IMS enhances learning and management efficiency through the implementation of simplified and systematic processes and documentation. The systematic approach eliminates the elemental approach reducing the chances of duplication and thereby improving the entire system’s performance. It also results in cost reduction. 

With the IMS certification, enjoy the benefits of multiple management system standards through a single and comprehensive audit. Organizations can spend less time preparing and conducting audits, significantly reducing the overall resource investment.