FAMI QS Certification: The Key To Quality And Safety

FAMI-QS Certification - What you need to know

FAMI QS Certification: The Key To Quality And Safety

FAMI QS is a popular certification program. It is a global standard defining Quality and Feed Safety Management Systems for the industrial sector associated with Specialty Feed Ingredients. The objective and functional aim of FAMI QS is to deliver nutritional value to animal feed. It addresses the quality and safety standards of animal food and feed ingredients. Regulatory compliance is essential to minimize safety hazards as well.

An overview to clarify the topic – FAMI QS

The globally acclaimed FAMI QS certification or Feed Additive and pre-Mixture System standard is a well-known term, that confirms an improved safety practice. The certification is an excellent tool to improve transparency, quality, safety, and communication between feed and food manufacturers and customers. It is a certification that resolves more than one requirement with a systematic overview of feed nutrition and safety. 

FAMI QS is a global scheme that certifies the quality and safety of animal feed and its nutrients. The scheme is unique and focuses on specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. FAMI QS is acknowledged by the European Commission. In the current times, it has become mandatory for industrial brands and companies in the European Union. The manufacturers must comply with the standardization procedures and practice the essential quality controls to assure product safety. It is an excellent way to prove the safety of the manufactured products and exhibits quality standards.

Feed specialty treatment – What is it?

A specialty feed ingredient is a term acknowledged by industrial brands. It could be defined as any ingredient that gets added to animal feed. It is an additional part intentionally put into the feed and it cannot be consumed exclusively. Specialty feed ingredients serve the purpose of improving the overall nutritional performance, utility, and efficiency of storing animal feed and animal products. It also contains vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, etc.

Objectives of FAMI QS – How it delivers the best safety assurance?

Food is essential for survival. Thus, food safety is one of the critical concerns for consumers and stakeholders in the food industry. It is equally necessary to maintain and regularize the quality of animal feed. 

One cannot deny the possibility of animal feed getting contaminated with unwanted and unhygienic substances. It could be any contaminating particle like heavy metals, drugs, or harmful pesticides at any stage of the feed chain. These contaminated elements could get transmitted to humans. It can happen via the food chain and consumption, generating serious health problems and hazards. One cannot ignore the animal feed quality and declare it as an insignificant aspect. FAMI QS certification was launched in 2004 for reducing the chances of health hazards through animal feed contamination. The prime focusing areas of FAMI QS are – 

a) Enhancing the animal feed quality

b) Mitigating the risks and hazardous elements in animal feed

c) Implement legal compliance in the industry, promoting feed safety

d) Reduce the potential risks and health hazards

The application of FAMI QS – Where can you implement the best practices of quality and safety?

FAMI QS is the ultimate solution for promoting safety and standards in the production and distribution line of animal feed. It is essential to implement in various stages of production and distribution. One can apply FAMI QS in two stages separately – Production and Trade.

In the case production line, it is essential to apply FAMI QS while producing compound feeds, animal feeds, pre-mixtures, and additives. In the case of the trade vertical, FAMI QS is vital to implement while purchasing, managing, preserving, transporting, and selling products related to animal feeds.

The perks of FAMI QS certification – Reasons you did not know

Why do you think FAMI QS certification has an extensive impact across the globe? Animal feed safety is a growing concern and a critical aspect throughout the globe. One cannot deny the significance, and thus, it is essential to maintain the standard with the best practices. The benefits of having the FAMI QS certification could be profitable for a business in more than one way. How? Read on and know better.

  1. Global acknowledgment – One of the best reasons to get accredited with the global standard of FAMI QS is the credibility aspect. One can earn business acknowledgment with the certification. A FAMI QS-certified company gets the golden chance to be recognized globally as a responsible and high-standard producer and manufacturer of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures, implementing the best-in-class quality management system.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – One can never deny the essentiality of ensuring customer satisfaction in any industry. Obtaining the FAMI QS certification exhibits the brand vision and the professional commitment towards delivering the best quality feed product. In the long run, it results in the production of enhanced animal feed and improves client satisfaction with a competitive market advantage.
  • Improved efficiency and manufacturing – All the companies with the FAMI QS certification can streamline their manufacturing process. How? It reduces mismanagement in the long run. The companies can boost production and eliminate productional wastage, ensuring an efficient operation. The increased efficiency helps in reducing the overall production costs, indicating a higher profit. 
  • Boost sales with a wide margin – FAMI QS certification is globally recognized, and the quality assurance standard is a vital benchmark for the animal feed industry. Any company getting certified for FAMI QS follows the best quality management practices. It reflects the best production line and implementation techniques influential for optimal quality management, food safety, hygiene, and environmental management in the manufacturing chain. It results in attracting more customers across the nations and boosts sales numbers.

The scope of FAMI QS

  • Management systems for feed quality and safety
  • Product regulatory compliance
  • Human resources and infrastructure
  • Maintenance and hygiene assurance of the equipment used
  • Waste control management in production 
  • Food safety and quality management
  • Environmental management
  • Health and safety, with a responsible resourcing

Endnote – Follow the best steps

Make the best choice for implementing the quality standard practices and get certified. The FAMI QS certification needs a systematic process, and you need the most suitable audit support. With IRQS, find the best professional resources for audit and obtain accurate results. Focus on the quality standards of the animal feed industry and make a wise choice in the long run.