Quality of Hand Sanitizers and Immunity booster products proven by “Ayush Mark Scheme”

Ayush Mark Certification Scheme

Quality of Hand Sanitizers and Immunity booster products proven by “Ayush Mark Scheme”

Corona virus infection is spreading rapidly in recent times and proving to be to be a life threatening disease across the globe. The only way to combat this menace is by enhancing Personnel Hygiene and boosting immunity. Washing ones hand multiple times a day and intake of Immunity booster products would help to wage the war on the virus.

Substances with antiviral property should be used in day to day life to improve Personal hygiene. In these difficult times, usage of hand sanitisers are on the rise, however certain hand sanitizers made from hazardous chemicals may be detrimental to users health. Toxic sanitizers can affect skin both internally and externally causing burning sensation, itching, dryness, etc. In addition to that, hazardous sanitizers can lead to serious adverse reactions to the Liver, Kidney, Reproductive organs.

We recommend usage of natural hand sanitizers available in market as Ayush products produced from herbs with appropriate alcohol content. Certain Ayush Manufacturers are producing Hand sanitizers and some of them are in process of launching their products after regulatory approvals.

Natural ingredients like Neem, Aloe vera, Tulsi, Nimbu, Lemon grass, herbs and natural Alum are mainly used in formulations of hand sanitizers.

Immunity Booster products not only increase body immunity but also prevent contamination from Corona virus. Our Honourable Prime Minister of India, recommended Intake of Kwath (Kashayam) prepared with Herbs and water boosting immunity.

Good Quality Hand sanitizers and Immunity Booster products are analysed and certified by Ayush Mark scheme launched by Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India and managed by Quality Council of India. I R Class Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, with its experienced & qualified experts/Auditors with both Traditional Knowledge coupled with information on Modern Science is authorised to certify manufacturers for Ayush mark Scheme. Our proficient team is conducting regular Technical on site Manufacturer Audits for Production and Quality Control along with sample withdrawals for External Independent Analysis by NABL Accredited laboratory. On basis of technical compliance, IR Class Systems & Solutions recommend Product Certification.

Mr. Shasinath Mishra, Vice President of IRClass Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. confirmed certification of high quality hand Sanitizers and Immunity Booster Ayush products which adheres to Natural substances usage without any toxic/Adverse effects.