The Importance of ISO 22301 Training for Business Continuity Management

Training courses for ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management
ISO 22301

The Importance of ISO 22301 Training for Business Continuity Management

In 2012, ISO published the certification program ISO 22301. Currently, the international standard for business continuity management or BCM has become extensively popular. Why? It plays a vital role in harmonizing and uniting the already in-use national standards with the globally acknowledged ISO standards.

ISO 22301 is an exclusive ISO standard that aims at delivering the ideal business continuity plan for a business. It reflects the disciplines and norms in ISO 27031 for IT disaster recovery. Simply put, ISO 27000 is a certification program with comprehensive standards focused on IT security. 

ISO 27031 is a customized standard reviewing the business continuity management policies in an organization. ISO 22301 brings a consolidated overview of the detailed activity for BCM. It provides an extensive framework for developing and managing an effective business continuity management system. In the long run, it helps in safeguarding an organization from a diverse range of potential threats and unforeseen disruptions.

Understanding ISO 22301 for BCM

During an emergency, many businesses and organizations must be confident to carry on their operations. The ability to navigate the damage and continue operating should be the priority. ISO 22301 is the globally accepted standard for business continuity management or BCM. It got introduced by the International Organization for Standardization. The specialized certification program ISO 22301 helps organizations analyze, prevent, prepare for, manage, respond to, and recover from unforeseen incidents that could stop business operations. The standardization framework for BCM delivers practical stress on the business continuity management system. ISO 22301 assists an organization and resists a wide range of potential threats and business disruptions.

The global standard may be apt for your organization in more than one way. It is the apt pick if you need to prove to stakeholders that your organization can overcome operational issues and resist the chances of disruption with an effective service.

Coverage areas of ISO 22301

In most countries, there are regulations by the law to define and exhibit emergency planning responsibilities for different organizations. These regulatory responsibilities may include the implementation of Business Continuity Management or BCM. 

As a result, ISO 22301 certification has become an essential to any organization. It assists in legal engagement in contingency planning, including utilities, health, etc. 

Whether you want to follow the standard for better compliance with industry regulations or not follow the norms of ISO 22301 certification – you can always develop a resilient business with improved risk management. Get the best support for the following essentials – 

  1. Operational resilience
  2. Emergency Preparedness
  3. Corporate governance
  4. Crisis management
  5. Disaster recovery
  6. Supply chain security
  7. Protection of reputation in a crisis
  8. Preparation for technology failures
  9. Plan for a sudden loss of critical resources
  10. Preparation for other emergency situations

Citing the benefits of ISO 22301

  1. Customer satisfaction and consistency – ISO 22301 helps your business deliver products that ensure consistency. In the long run, it assists in matching the expectations and customer requirements, making the service dependable and trustworthy.
  2. Business resilience enhancement – Avoid operational downgrade and financial losses with a robust and effective management plan. It covers the aspects of BCM including operation risk, emergency assistance, planning, etc.
  3. Better legal compliance – With ISO 22301, find the golden opportunities to comply with the legal norms without worries. It helps you understand how the statutory and regulatory norms and essentials impact your organization and customers.
  4. Enhanced risk management – Risk management necessitates best-in-class consistency in business operations. With a greater consistency of products or services, discontinuity and operational issues become hassle-free.
  5. Proven business credentials – Businesses can take years for developing a reliable image in the industry. The independent and in-depth verification steps taken by a globally recognized industry standard reflect the best. Ensure better business trustworthiness with the best plan.
  6. Ability to acquire business – Obtaining specifications in the ISO 22301 makes it straightforward for businesses to win over other enterprises. Why? Because it often requires certification as a condition to supply for acquiring businesses.
  7. International recognition as a reputable supplier – Certification, recognized internationally and accepted throughout industry supply chains, makes the best choice for BCM. The ISO 22301 certification has assisted in setting industry benchmarks for making the process worry-free.

Why is it a priority?

Does your organization have an efficient business continuity plan or BCP? In the long run, it often becomes less important to update the plans. It may become outdated and ineffective.

  • A business continuity management plan matching the international standard, ISO 22301, will ensure your BCPs remain up to date and represent a part of your organization’s operational culture. It will assist you in effectively and sincerely navigating the BCM risks. Taking one step forward, the framework helps your business adopt a consolidated approach for business continuity.
  • All organizations can face the issues like business disruption. The problems may be diverse, but the impact remains consistent. The problem may be technology failure, physical damage, flooding, resource disruption, fire, or terrorist attack. The ISO standard is available and suitable for all organizations, regardless of size, scope, or complexity. Any business willing to cope with the issues and manage the overall operational risks can deliver the best outcome for incidents and business disruptions.

The impacts of an unexpected business disruption could be long-term. One needs to focus on more than one aspect while reviewing the BCM plan. 

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Simply put, by considering the ISO 22301 certification, obtain a clarified understanding of your organization. It brings a comprehensive overview, and you can learn how to etch the business continuity disciplines irrespective of the industrial domain. The consistent and efficient surveillance of your business continuity systems with the ISO 22301 framework boosts a spirit of continual improvement of the business continuity management programs.

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