What Is ISO 27701? A Guide To Understanding Privacy Information Management System

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What Is ISO 27701? A Guide To Understanding Privacy Information Management System

Privacy of information is a priority for all organizations and requires a well-defined model for optimal management. Half-hearted efforts do not yield a positive outcome for ensuring information privacy. One needs to recognize the role of international standards in ensuring information safeguarding. This is where the ISO 27701 certification comes into the picture. 

What does the ISO 27701 certificate stand for?

ISO 27701 was published in the year 2019. It is a framework that helps organizations recognize an efficient framework for data protection. The aim of ISO 27701 is to provide a globally-recognized standard for optimal information security. There are several security measures mentioned in the framework. It is a certification that exhibits the information safeguard status in an organization. The framework defines several policies and safety measures for optimal information management. 

Privacy information management – What is it?

Do you know what information the ISO 27701 certification and framework are associated with? It is defined by ISO and PIMS is a popular information security management system. The purpose of ISO is to establish, implement and simultaneously improve PIMS in the organization. The system addresses privacy safeguarding against potential risks. Building a robust PIMS with the help of the well-defined framework of ISO helps eliminate mismanagement chances. 

Privacy information management defines the measures that an organization utilizes for collecting, processing, safekeeping, and destroying PII or personally identifiable information. 

The purpose of ISO 27701 

ISO 27701 is a widely popular certification in the global market. It is an extension of well-recognized ISO/IEC 27001. The purpose of ISO 27701 is to provide optimal protection to the data and information. It is essential for the organization even if it has the ISO 27001 certification. The data privacy layer added by ISO 27701 is not easy to decode and exhibits a robust framework. Simply put, ISO 27701 is an additional step to tighten information security.  

Who needs ISO 27701?

All organizations require a robust framework and efficient plan to safeguard the information. Personally identifiable information or PII is critical information for any organization. It helps identify a specific individual and thus requires an efficient treatment. PII can include anything and everything about the company’s employees, employer, stakeholders, customers, etc. Name, address, email id, contact number, and many more are part of PII. The extension of ISO 27001 tightens the security for organizations running in multiple industries like – IT, hospitality, medical industry, etc. 

What are the benefits of being ISO 27001 certified?

The ISO 27701 framework is a dynamic and efficient solution for organizations with more than one benefit. The certification associated with the organization helps in better brand valuation and performance. A tightened framework for PII protection is the need of the hour for the following benefits – 

  1. Next level protection – The straightforward benefit that everyone can recognize from the framework of ISO 27701 is protection and efficiency. The well-defined measures for PII protection and improvement techniques help the organization enjoy the perks of operating with a next-level security setup. The ISO 27701 standardization is an excellent way to showcase the compliance status for optimal protection of data and information confidentiality.  
  • An effective way to build trust – An organization becomes successful when more customers trust the brand. It is also valid for the stakeholders and investors. The ISO 27701 norm acts as an excellent development tool for the company. Reliability increases at a significant pace with the best security framework. From suppliers to consumers – everyone can stay assured of the PII protection effectiveness with the certification. 
  • Compliance with regulations – The improved security standard with the ISO certification helps your organization stay compliant with the security standards. There are several policies in the PII protection steps. The certification allows your organization to stay at par with the expected safeguard measures and ensures continual improvement. Also, in the current scenario, ISO 27701 is the industry standard and is legally recognized. So, following the norms of the ISO 27701 standard is vital for staying at level with the regulations. 
  • Optimal transparency – ISO certification for the organization allows the business to stay flexible. It also helps accommodate jurisdictional specifics through which the organization meets the different privacy laws. The organization gets a clean chit to operate across borders with optimal transparency in the data protection model. It enhances the brand and operation of the organization to the next level. 
  • Impactful business decisions – ISO 27701 certification provides optimal transparency of data management to the company stakeholders. Thus, it gets easier to develop a trusted relationship. Taking business decisions with the consent of the stakeholders gets simplified as well! Facilitate business agreements with enhanced data protection standards in the most effective way! Having the certification increases the chances of all the stakeholders getting on board with critical business decisions and agreements, ensuring ideal system integration in a shared business model. 

How do I get ISO 27701 certified?

Obtaining the certificate of ISO 27701 and getting accredited with the best framework regulations of PIMS is a complex process. However, it gets simplified if you follow an organized approach. It is essential to understand the various crucial aspects of the ISO framework before getting started. 

  • Getting started – The foremost step is to recognize the worth of PIMS and the ISO standardization framework. You need to start with the recognition of the requirements. Understand if the ISO 27001 system is rightly being executed. If yes, it is a bonus for the implementation of ISO 27701. You need to train the team with the required training course and move on to the implementation step. 
  • Implementation techniques – Implement the security measures by keeping a constant eye on the steps. Develop an efficient model through which you can map out and distribute responsibilities to meet the needs of various requirements of the ISO system. Be consistent in the implementation step to ease the certification process. 

Once you have successfully implemented the essential aspects of the security system, the organization gets ready to get accredited with the certification. 

Know the facts to operate better

Obtain the certification by connecting to a professional solution provider and get trained for optimal implementation of the security framework. IRQS is a certification body from which you can get the organization accredited.