The Benefits Of ISO 28000 Supply Chain Management System

The Benefits Of ISO 28000 Supply Chain Management System
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The Benefits Of ISO 28000 Supply Chain Management System

The supply chain is a critical and vital part of all industries. Its importance is such that it helps organizations and enables them to operate normally and grow their business, without obstacles. With coronavirus, its importance has risen even further. Today, it is not just regarded as a key driver of customer service improvement but is also regarded as a key instrument for business survival.

According to a survey, around 57% of the organizations believe that the supply chain management system gives them a competitive edge over their peers and helps them to grow their business.

Supply chains are a complex web of intermediaries stretching across the globe, connecting a broad array of players from raw factories to material producers, storage locations, and transport/logistics partners. 

Working cohesively, they offer many key benefits but at the same time also come with risks, some of which are hard-to-control like fires, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, terrorism, etc. Then there are other risks like theft, internal conflicts, etc., all of which can cause damage to goods and create in the bargain, serious delays in delivery of the goods to the end-consumers. 

All About ISO 28000 Certification

Hailed as the best practice standard for the supply chain management system, ISO 28000 is an international standard, which enables organizations with global supply chains to recognize the level of threats they may face. It also helps an organization assess its risks and determine if proper security measures are in place to protect its properties from any potential threats.

ISO 28000 also offers them a framework to improve upon their weak areas and address the requirements of a Security Management System (SMS) for their supply chain.

ISO 28000 states the requirements for a supply chain security management system, including those critical aspects of security assurance. This certification applies to all businesses in manufacturing, service, storage, or transportation at any stage of the production or supply chain, irrespective of their size of business.

What Key Benefits Does It Offer?

If your organization plays a key role in global supply chains, then an ISO 28000 certification will help your organization to enjoy key benefits like:

Reduced Risks & Damages

An ISO 28000 audit will help assess the risks, your staff, cargo, and property could face from security threats. A proper risk assessment can analyze and identify accurately which stage of the risk can affect the functioning of the overall supply chain. 

It could also specify the remedial measures that need to be initiated to protect them from the impending threats, and ensure their safety.

Assessing and managing risks throughout your supply chain during these pandemic times takes a business-centric approach to risk management. 

Competitive Advantage

ISO 28000 certificate serves as proof that your business takes not only its security seriously but also the security of goods that are offered to its customers. 

 If you embrace this standard, it acts as a clear demonstration of your commitment to security. Thus, it will help you stand ahead of all your other competitors in the market. 

Your business will also benefit through increased market share and a greater degree of customer retention compared to your competitors.

Enhanced Financial Performance

If you are implementing ISO 28000 standard, you will be able to identify wasteful and inefficient resource management practices quickly. 

When the company is already facing financial losses due to lockdown, eliminating such inefficient practices will reduce supply chain threat cases. This also results in an increased level of accountability at all levels, cost savings, and improved financial performance.

Improved Reputation

SCMS assures the safety of people and the security of goods and services, thus maintaining reputation even during the most challenging times like COVID-19. 

The implementation of a supply chain management system within an organization has a direct impact on improving the levels of safety and security. This makes the employees feel more secure which in turn will affect employee satisfaction and retention levels. Furthermore, the customers will also be satisfied with the safety of your product, thus improving and maintaining its organizational reputation.

Enhanced Profits

By minimizing the threats of fraud and piracy, operational efficiency is enhanced. Moreover, the assured security in the supply chain enhances customer trust, leading to an increase in company productivity and ultimately profits. 


ISO 28000 certification can be acquired for your business by an audit performed by a third-party certification body. Upon complete audit and verification, the third party will confirm that your organization complies with all the requirements of ISO 28000 and later issue an ISO 28000 certificate. 

The certification can then be maintained through scheduled annual surveillance audits at regular periods of intervals, by the registrar, while the re-certification is done on a triennial basis.


The first step towards getting ISO 28000 third party certification is to implement an effective management system complying with the standard’s requirements.

If your company is looking for this ISO 28000 Certification and is overwhelmed with fighting out where to start, we are here to help. We at IRQS can help you throughout the journey from initial training to risk assessment, gap analysis, and the certification process.  

Contact us to see how you can get started on the road to ISO 28000 certification.