What is ISO 21001 Educational Organisation Management?

What is ISO 21001 Educational Organisation Management?

What is ISO 21001 Educational Organisation Management?

The famous scientist, Albert Einstein had once said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

How true it is, for what one learns whether in school or university, remains with one forever.

In general, education is a fundamental right for everyone. Education helps a person to acquire skills essential for daily living; develop judgment and reasoning; distinguish right from wrong, and learn social norms. 

Proper education brings positive change in society and molds a person’s character, thinking, and personality. Hence, there should be no compromise on quality and instead should continually be enhanced. This is where educational organizations have a critical role to play, providing quality education, and building students’ educational skills through effective application of the education standards. 

This is where ISO 21001 Educational Organization Management System, helps.

What Iso 21001  Means & What Benefits It Offers?

 ISO 21001 is an Educational Organization Management System (EOMS) that emphasizes the standard of the education provided to the learners. It helps schools, colleges, and other educational institutes implement best practices and offer the best level of education. It includes regulations for the

  • Development of innovative and meaningful teaching techniques.
  • Development of program, curriculum design, and development.
  • Development of assessment held to acknowledge the performance.
  • Implementation of essential and viable resources.
  • Appointment of qualified staff’ and employees for offering learning tools and learning aids.  
  • Effective conduct of the internal audit.

Who can implement ISO 21001?

 Apart from educational organizations, the training department of a ‘larger organization’ that has a curriculum to impart knowledge, can also adopt and use the ISO 21001 standard. However, it is not applicable to organizations that are only engaged in the production or manufacture of educational products.

Criteria For Iso 21001 Certification

An organization looking to acquire ISO 21001 certification for a quality management system must

  •         Demonstrate its capability with the capacity to support the acquisition and development of competence through teaching, learning, or research.
  •   Demonstrate its capability to improve the level of competence and satisfaction of learners, staff, and other beneficiaries, through effective application of its EOMS, including processes for enhancement of the educational management system and continual commitment to the requirements of learners and other beneficiaries.

The above essentials of ISO 21001 are generic and meant to be applicable for all organizations’ using a curriculum to facilitate the development and evolution of competence through teaching, learning, or research, irrespective of the type, size, or method of delivery.

Benefits Of Iso 21001 Certification

In the upcoming years, ISO 21001 will be recognized as an independent measure of an education provider’s quality. Therefore, if you are offering teaching and training you can reap a lot of benefits from having your education management assessed against the ISO 21001 standard.

By acquiring an ISO 21001 certification, you can:

Improve Your Education System

You can enhance the standard of your education system and demonstrate your commitment to the quality management of educational practices in the most effective manner. By implementing an effective education system that complements a learner-centered approach, you will be able to increase your overall competitiveness and credibility.

Enhance Your Reputation

By getting ISO 21001 certificate, your business will become recognized worldwide. Moreover, by becoming ISO 21001 certified, you can demonstrate to your clients and learners that you are committed to enhancing your educational system. This can help elevate your brand awareness and reputation.

Promote Equal Opportunities

Through ISO 21001, you can promote inclusive and equitable quality education for all. This means equal opportunities must be ensured for all students irrespective of their religious/caste background; ethnic or cultural origin; gender; and ability/disability.

Ensure Personalised Training

ISO 21001 certification helps deliver a more efficient education service and offers each and every learner a personalized experience. You can also help those even with special educational needs or who have a distance learning need. It also helps you ensure that learners receive the quality of education they want while improving their performance, safety, and well-being.

Foster a Culture of Excellence & Innovation

You can foster, build, and cultivate a culture of excellence and innovation. This will involve the adoption of quality management methodologies, consistent processes, and evaluation tools to demonstrate and enhance efficiency and effectiveness.  

Facilitate Sustainable Growth

Through effective application and maintenance of the quality management system, you can facilitate consistent sustainable growth and address other key challenges in the education system. The more stable and more progressive your education system becomes, the more it will be better equipped to assess and take advantage of new opportunities.

Although the main beneficiaries of the ISO 21001 Educational Organization Management System are learners and educational organizations, it can also benefit other parties involved like parents and stakeholders.

How and Where to Get Started with the ISO 21001 Certification?

If you are ready to start your journey towards obtaining an ISO 21001 certification, our team at IRQS is more than willing to assist you.

We have a qualified and competent team with years of expertise to guide you through the process.

To know more on how ISO 21001 implementation can benefit your organization, reach out to our consultant now.